These #EdibleWordsToLiveBy Have a Food Pun for Everyone

Brands take advantage of the food hashtag

Mike Siegel

1 year 7 months ago

#EdibleWordsToLiveBy Donut Meme

Hashtags come and go, but online engagement will be forever. It’s been affirmed that people enjoy these hashtags and taking part in the fun. They may be related to a holiday, a current event or have nothing to even do with anything relevant today, but hashtags are part of what makes Twitter so successful. Today’s featured one, #EdibleWordsToLiveBy, made it to the top ten trending topics in the United States. The hashtag, essentially a wordplay game, was created by user @NoompsyDahling this morning, according to AOL.

“Today's challenge #EdibleWordsToLiveBy like, ‘It's always darkest before the donut.’ :) Mayhem is served. Come get it, y'all,” Melissa Palmer, AKA @NoompsyDahling on Twitter, wrote. The hashtag has sparked quite the discourse online already, with users channeling their inner poets. Yes, they’re poets and they didn’t even know it!

The best part of all this fun is how brands are getting involved. You may not think big companies would spend time or pay any notice to these otherwise silly hashtag games on the Internet, but you’re wrong. Today, the #EdibleWordsToLiveBy attracted brands like belVita, Nestle Toll House and even RED.

“If at first you don’t succeed, try Skittles again,” Skittles tweeted. It might just make you try Skittles again, don’t you think?

“Keep Your Friends Close and Your Curly Fries Closer,” Arby’s posted as well. This is a personal favorite. I’m totally down to hang on to my curly fries. No sharing.

Needless to say, these food puns are fun for everyone. But these brands aren’t hopping on the bandwagon just to be entertained. They realize the hashtag’s power to engage a wide audience and market their own products in the midst. So don’t dismiss a seemingly trite hashtag, it could be your social media marketing strategy to gain an engaging fanbase.

Is your brand coming up with some #EdibleWordsToLiveBy? Here’s our try: the fork is mightier than the spoon.