5 Travel Influencers You Need to Follow

Caution: Wanderlust ahead!

Michael Tarazi

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As winter becomes nothing more than harsh reality and our summer wanderlust is beginning to ingrain into our minds, it’s important to remember that no matter the season, there’s always a reason to travel. Whether it’s to escape the cold weather or witness some of our planet’s finest crevices, travel influencers help us escape the harsh reality of the dreaded 9 to 5. As winter comes, brands should look to these influencers to accommodate our travel fantasies.

Christina Vidal
From exotic location to exotic location, Christina Vidal, otherwise known as Jetset Christina, takes us on a tour of some of the world’s most tropical locations. Jetset Christina is a San Francisco based travel influencer and blogger whose specialty is capturing her travel experiences through vivid imagery and expressive scenery. From Greece to Italy to Croatia, no beach is left untouched or unphotographed.


Hydrating in Hydra

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The gorgeous Hvar marina from the hike to the fortress! Love this island. Sailing into Dubrovnik next and then to Montenegro!

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Alex Strohl
This self-described adventurer spends his time based between sunny LA and mountainous Vancouver. Strohl has mastered the perfect combination between rustic scenery and inspiring photo compositions that leave you wanting more. He has achieved the impossible in making icy climates insanely appealing. Make sure to check him out as a photographer for Stay and Wander.


Overnighting on the ridge across Trollvegen with some good company #stayandwander

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Morning rambles on the ridge above Kvalvika Beach with @aetherapparel. Lofoten Islands, Norway

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Ken Kaminesky

This travel influencer has taken a more cultural approach towards his travel documentation. A blogger and photographer, Kaminesky and his 10K followers travel the world in hopes of unlocking the world’s most hidden secrets. What’s even more amazing is that he takes all of his photos on his iPhone6. He combines thought-provoking imagery with engaging photographs of some of the citizens of the world. To catch up with more things Ken Kaminesky, check out his blog!


A lone cypress tree at the #Disney Wilderness Preserve in #Florida. This photo was taken moment before those ominous clouds decided to let loose a torrential downpour on me and my guide.. Lucky for me that I had a rainproof bag for the camera but we got soaked to the bone. I wasn’t so much worried about the getting wet part but rather more worried about the snake infested waters as our little boat was rapidly filling with water… Ugh, sssssssankes!

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Gareth Leonard

This travel influencer takes tourist to a whole new level. Leonard is not only a photographer, but a YouTuber as well as he shares pictures and videos of his travels for the world to see. His goal is to expose the excitement of travel as he takes us on his journey to learn more about the world’s different countries and cultures. From scenery to people to food, this guy’s got it all.


Tourist2Townie.com turns six! ---- Six years ago this week, I boarded a one-way flight to Buenos Aires, Argentina in search of substance and adventure. I could have never imagined how far this life would take me as I sat alone in that secluded hostel room on night one - seriously questioning my decision. I left everything comfortable in my life in exchange for a laptop and a dream. Ever since then its been a rollercoaster of emotions, uncertainty and excitement, that I wouldn't change it for anything. I have chosen the path less traveled in hopes that some of you might be inspired to push your own limitations, chase your dreams, and live by your own rules. Here's to six more years of life outside the comfort zone! ---- To celebrate the milestone, I'll be sharing my favorite photos from the past six years of travel - like this one from my office at the salt flats of Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia.

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Kirsten Alana
This luxury travel and lifestyle photographer is a self-proclaimed former nomad who has taken exploring the world to a whole new level. Alana, who is currently sharing her experiences learning more about the people and culture of Egypt, shares photographs displaying different communities and cultures all around the world. Can’t get enough of her instagram, make sure to check out her travel blog as well!


I've talked so much about the people of Egypt that I thought it was time I showed you someone we've met. This is Ahmed, our captain for a sail in a traditional felucca on the Nile River. We set out from a dock in Aswan near the larger boat docks and he calmly steered us around one of the many islands which dots the Nile in that area. Some have parks, some private villas and there's a lot of history to that area in particular. It was golden hour before sunset, and there was a lot of traffic on the river, like rush hour at an intersection. However, Ahmed was quietly in control and as he expertly sailed us both at a slow pace and sometimes fast enough for the wind to blow my hair around...it was so wonderful. Everyone in our group looked around at each other with beaming smiles. Ahmed didn't talk to us, our guide Ibrahim did all the talking. But I couldn't help notice that when Ahmed was doing his job I would sometimes catch him enjoying it privately. Perhaps he was enjoying the same things I was, the water and the sunshine and the freedom of movement that a small boat allows. I don't know. However his smile lit up the boat and I tried to capture that but in the end, this moment was the photo that turned out. Ahmed looks as if he could be Nubian Egyptian to me but I wasn't able to ask. I also loved that his sailboat is called "Honey." #AKegypt

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While we were at AO Glass (shown in my last photo), Rich kept telling us that if we appreciated craftsmanship, we really needed to head across the parking lot and meet his friend Matthew of @rivenstudio. So of course we did and I captured this portrait of Matthew standing in the door to his woodworking shop which is filled with light and was all prepped for @southendarthop when we visited. He'd just finished creating beautiful stools based on a traditional Vermont milking stool, with a twist -- and I hope some of you locals found them as they were hidden around town this weekend? Matthew is as interesting as he is talented and I love what his website says about his business, "The work emerges from a belief that clear design is essential to a balanced life. The objects that we create are born from traditional methods of woodworking and look to the future of function to inform their design choices. The result is a hardworking object that fits comfortably in the everyday." He builds each piece one at a time in his Burlington studio, he turns all his scrap wood into smaller pieces like cutting boards so there's little to no waste and he's yet another example of the kind of person that makes Vermont such a wonderful place to live, and to visit.

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If you're familiar with my photography work you know a lot of what I do is travel but this summer I've been honored to be working with @theWCS to highlight their conservation efforts and the amazing animals they protect and care for at the five zoos we have here in New York City. I'm joining others all summer long on a photo safari to celebrate 120 years of saving wildlife. I captured this photo of a Lemur at the @BronxZoo which is #7 out of the 120 ways #NYisWild. But the best part of this project is that YOU have a chance to win a trip to Belize because of it -- though time is running out to do so!! So head over to nyiswild.com NOW for your chance to be heading out on your own exciting adventure ✈️ Or, find the link directly in the @nyiswild profile #sp

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