How do you address the problem of finding the right item to promote your business and your products? How do you know what is going to work and what isn't? How can you find the perfect item to promote your business and know that people are going to use it on a regular basis? The answer to all of these questions is to use a promotional address book to promote your business.

Let's take a look at why companies are using a promotional address book to promote their business and products.

Easy Contact Access

You are not always at a computer when you need to know someone's address, email or phone number, so you should always have an address book to keep the information about your contacts and the people that are important to you. When you are using a regular address book to keep your contacts in order, you never have to worry about a computer crash or being at your computer in order to get your contacts' information.


Too many people rely on being able to access a computer and they are forgetting about the tried and true methods that people have been using for years before computers were commonplace. When a person has a backup method of finding out the information of a contact, they never have to panic when they are unable to access their computer. No more saying that they will need to look up the information when they get back to the office. The information for someone is right there at their fingertips and ready.

There are a few different types of people in a business that can benefit from having a promotional address book.


Executives are a great person that should use a backup address book, because they never want to have to worry about not having access to their contacts. Not having access to a person's details can really affect business and can lose a company clients.

Travelling Salespeople

Another good type of employee to have an address book is travelling salespeople. They are the ones that make a lot of contacts and they are not always going to be able to access their laptop. When they have a promotional address book, they are going to be able to write down the person's contact information in their address book and add it to their computer later.

A promotional address book can help a company to be prepared for anything and show a professional appearance to everyone they come in contact with. They can help employees avoid the problems that come with computer crashes and lack of access. Instead of having to wait for the computer to come back up, the person's information is right there in front of employees and ready to be used.

Giving out a promotional address book to employees shows that you are prepared for anything and that you are concerned enough about your clients to want to get in touch with them even if you can't access your computers. They are a safeguard for your clients and for your company.