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April 30, 2020
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Advantages of Power Cord Splitters

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Power Cord Splitters

At home or work, we are gradually becoming more dependent on multiple devices. But most of us often face the problem of limited power plug outlets on the wall. The possibility of increasing the number of plug outlets is very difficult, hence came the new technology, AC Power Cord Splitters. These are ideal solution for powering up our multiple digital devices with a single power outlet.

For example, a desktop requires separate outlet for CPU, monitor and speaker. It is not possible to provide so many outlets on the wall. In such a satiation, splitters simplify human life by offering a variety of power splitting options according to our requirement. Some of its advantages are listed below:

a. Length

The demand for plug outlet is increasing due to the increased use of electrical devices. But increasing the number of plug outlets is not feasible every now and then. It will spoil the beauty of the wall. Also in order to extend each output from the wall, a separate cord would be required for each output. Another constraint is that some devices come with limited length of power cord options. Power cord splitters, on the contrary, are available in various lengths. This makes the connectivity simpler and easy. Hence it is used to cut down the wire clutter.

b. Warranty

The power splitters come with a variety of options. Some of the sellers like SF cables are offering life time warranty for their products. Hence, we can enjoy the convenience with world class quality.

c. Cheap

As an alternative for creating a separate plug outlet on the wall, the idea of using power cord splitters is very cheap and quick job. Even when your UPS has limited outputs, you can use splitters for keeping your surge strips and UPS outlets free. It is also possible to turn one outlet (of surge strips and UPS outlets) into four while keeping others free.

d. Safety

All electrical devices should be first viewed for safety usage. Owing to their rugged design, splitters offer very safe usage. These can be used for varying current requirement and for a wide voltage range between 100-250 volts.


Due to the variety of output ports available with power cords, it is fairly easier to fulfill your power requirement with AC Power Cord Splitters. Technology always aims to simplify human life and reduce the amount spent on buying. These splitters incorporate these elements and help reduce the need for cabling, and also create more space.

Next time when you are in need of additional power output, either at home or in office, you must consider buying power cord splitters.


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