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August 10, 2020
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Cell Phones - Maddening or Necessary Evil In This Day And Age

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Do you actually need to be able to be reached everyday all day? What is trying to be stated is the more you make yourself available to others the more they will think that you are available on a regular basis. A lot of others might be mad if you don't answer rather than be happy when you do call back. People like this can be quite annoying at times. The cell phone will follow you everywhere you go. Even when you try to go to sleep your phone will start ringing that's when you just turn it off.

Cell phones today are a mess but if you are a business man you may need a cell phone on a regular basis to go through your day.

Cell phone manners are becoming extinct. You will often see people talking on them wherever they are at the movies in an office or even a library. You have most likely noticed during a staff meeting that if someone cell phone was to ring everyone would look at theirs. I am pretty sure it would get pretty annoying if you weren't the one always on the phone.

If you are in a church or some type of entertainment show or something it's good to either leave it at home leave it in the car or have it on you but turned off. This reason only being that it is proper to not answer during these times.

If you are in a show or at church or meeting you need to have it off while someone is speaking to everyone. It might get you fired or strike 1 from your boss. Even if it was an important call you can still have it on vibrate and in your pocket so it wont be loud for everyone else to hear. Then you probably wouldn't even get talked to about it during meetings anymore.

If you have or ever plan to board an aircraft they ask you to turn off not only your cell phone but all electronics in the cabin before take off and before landing this is so there are no issues with the cockpit to ground control.

Today people couldn't probably have a regular day without their cell phone. It is getting to be so popular that you can watch TV and sports on your phone. Many phone companies are now offering cable to go along with the phone as well as internet so you can check your email and get on an instant massager service. A lot of these phones are only the newer types and are and can be quite expensive.


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