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October 16, 2020
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Create Your Identity, Promote Your Brand with Smart Name Badges

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Jonathan Winchester of Shopper Anonymous (, a mystery shopping organisation, conducted research in the UK, Australia and New Zealand that showed how name badges improve customer satisfaction. Based on 116,000 measured shopping experiences, results show that the overall rating for the customer service experience in organisations where the staff wore name badges is 12% higher than those companies where the staff didn't wear any name badges. Name badges are clearly an important and alsocreate a customer's first impression of the organisation.

Benefits of Name Badges

Name badges are not just for advertising your brand or customer service; they also promote confidence and trust in your employees or students. Here are some advantages of wearing a name badge:

*Corporate name badges
-Easily identify the employee's name, rank or designation especially if it's a large organisation
-Ensure safety and security in the office premises
-Promote the sense of identity and belongingness in the organisation
-Easily address, interact or converse with other employees from other departments
-Add a professional impression in customers' eyes
-Build confidence, respect and pride in employees
-Establish trust within the organisation and from the customers
-Save regular visitors from embarrassment if they forget a person's name
-Help distinguish staff from customers in businesses that don't wear uniforms
-Improve employee-to-employee working relationship by putting a name to the face, instead of addressing employees by the department they belong to
oBrand Promotion
-Serve as a promotional or advertising tool
-Help popularise the brand and company image to the public
-Can create a long lasting impression in the customer's mindset
-Make a statement of what the brand is
-Professionally present the entire organisation or brand to the client
-Create an impression of providing a personal service because you're on a first-name basis
-Create trust in the customer's eyes because you are presenting a sense of accountability for your actions

*School name badges
-Build pride in the institution the student belongs to
-Carry out the school's philosophy and ideals
-Ensure security and safety of children in the school premises
-Create discipline and team spirit
-For academic and athletic achievements
-To acknowledge leadership qualities and responsibilities

Name badges have become an important part in an organisation's identity. But to make the name badge effective, you should create a design that's not only impressive but also reflective of your organisation's identity and ethos. Ideally, name badges should be smart, direct, appealing, readable and recognisable. When customising a name badge, you may include a person's name, the institution's name, logo, tag line, and colour. But you also have to consider its limited space; avoid too much content that it becomes incomprehensible. Make it short, informative and targeted. For its layout, avoid shiny surfaces or indecipherable font types that make them very difficult to read.

You can trust Smart Edge Badges to help you create the image you want to project to the public. They design impressive layouts that promote your organisation's identity and culture.


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