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November 8, 2020
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Creating an event brief to send to potential conference venues

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Looking for potential conference venues for your event can be time consuming, costly and stressful. To simplify the venue finding process it is important to form an event brief in the early stage of your planning. By considering the following factors before making enquiries will ensure you receive accurate quotes from suitable conference venues.

Is the event a training event, sales conference, product launch or Christmas party? Think about the event objectives and outcomes you want to achieve.

If possible be flexible and put together a series of dates to send off with your initial enquiry. It will not only save you time recontacting conference venues, but may also be a useful negotiating tool. Be sure to check that your dates don't coincide with a major event or public holiday.

What are your search parameters? This will instantly rule out many venues and allow you to concentrate on a specific area. Do you need the venue to be close to your office or nearby to the airport for convenience? Would a CBD or interstate location better suit your guests?

4.Number of people
How many guests will be attending your event? Think about the absolute minimum and maximum numbers of guests you expect. Check that your potential conference venues can cater for all scenarios and be aware of any minimum charges.

To receive an accurate indication of room availability and hire prices, it is best to provide the venues with the estimated time you require the room. If you require access the night before or outside normal work hours, be sure to check with the venue as there may be additional charges.

Decide on what meals and beverages you wish to provide your guests. If it is a conference, will you be supplying all day catering including morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea or lunch only?

Do your guests require accommodation? How many rooms in total will you need? Will you be making the bookings or are guests to arrange their own? What about breakfast? Think about the type of rooms your guests require. Will your guests require a queen room or will twin share be adequate? Ensure the venue has sufficient accommodation on site or close by.

8.Audio Visual
The audio visual component of the event can often be the one to blow the budget. Professionals that specialise in AV equipment are often outsourced by venues to ensure they can provide you with the latest equipment and expertise. Ask for an itemised quote before making a booking detailing every piece of equipment you need. This will avoid a nasty surprise come billing time.

Setting a budget gives you and your potential conference venues a great starting point. A price guide is a great idea, for example $60 - $80 per head.

10.Have fun!
Planning an event is exciting, fun and frenetic. Create a solid event brief from the beginning and you'll be sure to get your event off to a flying start.

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