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There are two main types of massage businesses that you can offer as a masseuse, you can either have an office where clients come to you, or you can be portable, taking your business to the customer. Some masseuse offer both options. There are benefits and drawbacks to both types of business, as well as different requirements in equipment needed for each type.

02 Apr 20

Regardless of the type of business you are in, you probably have an office, even if it is at home, and one thing that all business offices have in common is a variety of business office furniture.

27 Apr 20

Power Cord SplittersAt home or work, we are gradually becoming more dependent on multiple devices. But most of us often face the problem of limited power plug outlets on the wall. The possibility of increasing the number of plug outlets is very difficult, hence came the new technology, AC Power Cord Splitters.

30 Apr 20

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16 Oct 20
Jonathan Winchester of Shopper Anonymous (, a mystery shopping organisation, conducted research in the UK, Australia and New Zealand that showed how name badges improve customer satisfaction.
19 Nov 20
Starting an internet home business is not an easy task. Creating a successful work from home venture will take time and effort. If you are new to the concept of making money online, you will have a learning curve to conquer. You will be discovering new principles and applying these concepts to developing your home based business.
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08 Nov 20
Looking for potential conference venues for your event can be time consuming, costly and stressful. To simplify the venue finding process it is important to form an event brief in the early stage of your planning. By considering the following factors before making enquiries will ensure you receive accurate quotes from suitable conference venues.1.
29 Nov 20
To forget is human but if it happens all the time you need to take some serious action. From your Doctor's Appointment, business meeting or getting clothes from the dry cleaners if you miss on one thing you may be in for dire consequences. A Daily Organizer is a life saver and your secretary that will remind you of your scheduled meetings and appointments.
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